AI and cyber security – What can we do now and what is RISE doing?

Welcome to the conference following ICT Sweden’s autumn meeting on Nov 29th.

In this conference we focus on AI and cyber security – what can we do now and what is RISE doing? Full program is available bellow.

Practical information

When: Thursday November 29th
Where Teknikföretagen, Storgatan 5, Stockholm
Cost: Free of charge
Register here, no later than Nov 22nd.


Program – Thursday 29 November


Autumn meeting/medlemsmöte

Members only.

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Members only.

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Registration and coffee

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Jonas Wallberg, chairman ICT, Sweden

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What is AI today and tomorrow and how can the Swedish research institutes’ AI lab help you?

Daniel Gillblad, Head of RISE AI

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Case presentations, how we use AI in our products and services

  • Logical Clocks, Jim Dowling, CEO
  • Mavenoid, Shahan Lilja CEO
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Coffee break

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What we do at Cybersecurity Lab at RISE SICS and what challenges are being addressed

Shahid Raza, Director Security Lab, Expert Researcher, RISE

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The threat to Swedish defence industry from foreign intelligence and security services. A briefing on the threat towards Swedish defence capacity in general and Swedish defence industry in specific

Gunilla Runberg, Manager Combat System & Lead System Integration Office, Saab Surveillance

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Together with Swedish industry we create new innovations

Charlotte Karlsson, Senior Vice President RISE ICT

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How we support Swedish industry and a strong RISE

Klas Wåhlberg, CEO, Teknikföretagen

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Final questions

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